Ultra bright light signs

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The history behind the AREsigns innovations
Why would you install small lightweight diodes in heavy metal boxes?

Why would you install small lightweight diodes in heavy metal boxes? After many years in the sign business, we began to believe more and more in an idea we had; an idea that ultimately became the foundation of AREsigns and turned illuminated sign production upside down. The sign business had been stagnant for quite a long time, without any real innovations. But LED replacing fluorescent and neon lighting meant a giant step forward towards improving energy consumption and lifespan. Unfortunately, despite a development in light sources, the production process for illuminated signs remained the same. They were still heavy metal boxes with fragile fronts, often resulting in waterlogged letters and a moss-covered interior. Fitters struggled with heavy weights and sky lifts operated above their load capacities. That's when the idea hatched, the idea that would turn the production of illuminated signs upside down. The idea was to replace a load-bearing sheet metal construction with a weight-bearing front. A front made out of a virtually indestructible material called polycarbonate. With creativity, precision and serious testing, a completely new type of sign was created. A more durable, more waterproof and lighter sign. A sign that requires a lot less material, therefore contributing to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable industry. AREsigns's founders turned their idea into reality. And that idea became an innovation in the sign industry.

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