AREsigns lightsigns

AREsign’s illuminated signs are manufactured using a unique and patented technology, developed in Sweden. The signs are made of the unbreakable material polycarbonate, the same material used in airplane windows, for example. Thanks to AREsign’s unique construction, we can make the signs ultra-light, which greatly reduces material consumption, compared to traditional signs. That makes AResigns a far more environmentally friendly alternative. It also makes the signs easier to handle and install.

We manufacture everything from luminous contour letters to panels (modern light boxes) and sign systems, as well as luminous event products and interior.

More durable

AREsigns are made out of polycarbonate, the same indestructible plastic used in, for example, aeroplane windows. This makes the signs extremely durable and weatherproof.

Safer and easier

They are very lightweight, so AREsigns are much easier to handle and install. They don’t require any complicated constructions for installation, so fewer modifications to the façade.


AREsigns weigh only about 10-30% of traditional illuminated signs, which makes work easier for the installers and is a real advantage for the building owners.

More waterproof

AREsigns are waterproof. So they stay clean on the inside and remain brighter longer.

More environmentally friendly

AREsigns need a lot less material to produce compared to traditional illuminated signs. Aluminium in particular, which requires a great deal of energy to manufacture, can be reduced.