AREsigns manufactures ultra-light illuminated signs that only use 10-30% of the amount of energy needed to manufacture traditional signs. By offering the same functionality as traditional signs but with additional effects and a far more environmentally-friendly manufacturing process, AREsigns wants to raise environmental awareness in the sign industry.

Top Priorities

AREsigns’s efforts to reduce the use of materials in illuminated signs are in line with Sweden’s waste priority policies. This priority policy means that waste should first and foremost be avoided, secondly re-used, thirdly recycled, etc. Despite the fact that recycling re-uses resources, it only compensates for a small portion of resource consumption in the manufacturing process. This is why avoiding waste altogether is a top priority.


Use of materials, illuminated box 3×1 m

ARE Panel with steel: 12.1 kg
6 kg polycarbonate
0,8 kg polystyrene
5,3 kg steel

ARE Panel with aluminium: 10.7 kg
6,6 kg polycarbonate
0,8 kg polystyrene
3,3 kg aluminum

Traditional box: 36.3 kg
13,8 kg polymethylmethacrylate
22,5 kg aluminum