AREsigns weigh only about 10-30% of traditional illuminated signs.


The energy consumption is reduced by 70-90%


The signs are made of the indestructible material polycarbonate.

Ultra light light signs in the unbreakable material polycarbonate

3d-sketches with light effects

We not only have the industry’s most modern signs, we also have a unique sales tool where you, as a retailer, can offer your customers 3D sketches and photo montages.


We help our resellers all the way from quote to finished product. Use us and you will get a quick quote, a nice 3D-sketch and a unique sign solution.

What we do

ARE Contour

Contour letters with light in the front, the back or both. You can also have light in the sides. 

ARE Panel

Light boxes with different light effects.
Weight: about 5kg/m2    

ARE Panel 10-30

Contour shaped light boxes with different light effects and 3D-letters.
Weight: about 5kg/m2                                

Sign systems

Design and construction for all logos.

Big size

Big signs are delivered in pieces. The light weight makes them easier to handle.

Illuminated interior

Cool technique makes cool products.

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